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Welcome to HYSEL
Hysel is a professionally managed Biotech company in India, serving its valued customers across the country. We offer a wide range of innovative products for Life Science Research in the areas of Genomics, Proteomics, Immunology etc., from various renowned manufacturers abroad, who are world leaders in their respective fields. Our target customers include Academic Life Science Research Institutions, Bio-Pharma and Biotech Industry, Diagnostic laboratories and Diagnostic Products Manufacturers etc .........more
Elisa Kits
RayBiotech offers an extensive range of Elisa Kits for analysis of variety of Cytokines, Growth Factors..                         ...more
ImmPRESS Peroxidase Polymer Detection Reagents
The ImmPRESS™ polymerized reporter enzyme staining system is based on .......            ...more
Affinity Purified Antibodies & Conjugates kits
KPL pioneered the production of large scale affinity purification and offers a wide...         ...more
Custom Peptides
GL Biochem is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture & marketing of diverse................             ...more
Biorbyt Antibodies
Biorbyt is committed to the cause of helping bench scientists and researchers in their laboratory experiments.                   ...more
DOJINDO - Cell Counting Kit-8
More Sensitive than MTT, XTT, MTS or WST-1
No Toxicity to Cells
One-Bottle, Ready-to-Use Solution
Western Blot
No matter which western blotting system you use, you will get a strong, clean signal everytime...                    ...more
VECTASTAIN Elite ABC widely recognized today as the most sensitive, reliable & economical peroxidase...                   ...more
Custom Oligonucleotides
Metabion offers high quality custom oligos in tube or 96 well format, RNA oligos, Dual Labeled Probes etc                       ...more
Vortex Mixers
Scientific Industries offers more than just Vortexing provides more collisions & random motion.                                         ...more
Boster - Antibodies
Boster is a manufacturer and global supplier of immunological reagents, focusing on high quality products                          ...more
BioVision - Apoptosis & Related Products
Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, plays an important role in many physiological and diseased conditions.                                         ...more